Cherished by the SEAL

Hot Caribbean Nights, Book 4

by zoe york

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about the book

Navy SEAL Logan Dwyer has been Victoria Fletcher’s best friend since second grade, and has had a hopeless, secret crush on her for at least half his life. But Tori deserves a man that can be there for her whenever she needs it.

Not a warrior. Not a guy who spends more time in jungles and war zones than at home.

But when she’s left at the altar, and decides to salvage her honeymoon if someone can go with her…Logan can’t help but volunteer.

Seven days on the Caribbean island of Miralinda. Seven hot, unexpected nights.

One week to figure out if this is just a rebound fling, or if the only woman he’s ever loved might just see him as something more than her safe, sexy and willing best friend.

genre: adult contemporary romance